Fundamentally, construction is a people business, and we understand that the cornerstone of a successful project is cultivating an environment rooted in transparency, collaboration, and a focused will to succeed. This culture not only fuels our success but also defines our organizational identity.


FH starts the alignment process by incorporating the perspectives, insights, and extensive experience of the Owner, Design Team, and trade partners. Together, we work to chart the most  efficient and effective course for bringing the project’s vision to life.


Beginning with the end in mind, FH is dedicated to provide the best value for our customers. We take charge of comprehensive cost management leadership and shoulder complete responsibility during the entire preconstruction phase. Our strategy guarantees precision, effective communication, and an unwavering commitment to transparency and cost certainty throughout each stage of the design process.


FH’s objective is to optimize value for our customers on every project. By engaging at an early stage and actively participating in the design process from the concept phase through construction, we can identify and onboard trade partners in a timely manner. This approach accelerates submittals and the procurement of long lead items, effectively mitigating expensive cost escalations. Additionally, we assist the design team with constructability reviews, ensure accountability among all parties for meeting project completion deadlines, and deliver overall cost certainty to our clients.


At FH we understand a successful project extends beyond project completion; we recognize that the journey is as significant as reaching the destination. Our goal is to collaborate closely with our customers, provide daily value to the construction process, and build a lasting relationship beyond a single project


Our goal is simple; every individual who sets foot on an FH project site will return home safely to their family each and every night. There are no exceptions to this commitment.


Our dedication to our clients goes beyond the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. FH is firmly committed to consistently delivering high-quality projects that exceed expectation. Our relationships with our customers extend beyond close out, in the event that issues arise after project completion, we remain on call day and night to provide assistance and support.

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